Pellux Network


Pellux Network is a small network run by one person with help from friends. Its primary reason for existence is to help me learn the ins and outs of webdev and web design.

Currently, there are four services in varying degrees of functionality available. While these are referred to as "services," Pellux Network does not currently host any paid services. Even our only publicly available service is completely free.

Pellux has its own mail servers on the domain. This service is only available to friends and family by request. You can get more information on the mail service, including the address request form, on the mail page.

Pellux Cloud is a fully-featured NextCloud instance available to anyone who finds it! 10GB of storage and access to all features of NextCloud included, plus a few extra plugins for extended functionality. Access Cloud at

We have anywhere from zero to several game servers up at any given moment, depending on who wants to play what. While the server addresses are public, I ask that you announce your presense in some manner before joining a server if you happen to stumble across this site. If you somehow have no contact to the owner, you can use the contact form.

Finally, Pellux stream is a private media service and is much more restriced than the others.

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